Benefits of Energy Efficient Windows

November 15, 2021

The main appeal and importance of energy efficient windows is their ability to save money on heating, cooling and lighting costs while simultaneously reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

While energy efficient, double-glazed windows may cost more at installation, they will quickly begin to pay for themselves. The average home loses between thirty and fifty percent of its heating and cooling energy through windows, causing homeowners to use more heating or air conditioning than necessary — and thus costing more money. Each one-degree (Fahrenheit) increase in thermostat temperature translates into a two percent increase in wasted energy.

Windows with a lower U-value have a higher resistance to heat and a higher insulation. This insulation combats both escaping heat and entering noise, allowing for a more comfortable, and quieter, home environment. Low U-value coupled with low-emissivity (low-E) glass that lets light and heat in and keeps it in reduces condensation build up. This allows for fewer drafts and cold spots, as condensation sets off the cycle of convection, which has your heating system diverting energy to warm up the windows instead of your home.

A common component of energy efficient windows is low-conductance gas (i.e. argon, xenon, and krypton) in between two panes of glass that acts as both an insulator and an additional control of the heat and cold that enters your home. Furthermore, pane spacers on the frame that keep the panes apart, and the frame itself, made from nonconductive material prevent excessive heat from entering your home during the summer months.

Double-glazing your windows also prevents UV damage to the things in your home such as upholstery and artwork when it allows only warmth to enter your home rather than the sun’s rays. Doors may also be insulated in similar ways to prevent heat from escaping.

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